Giving away free money

Giving away free money

Contact the billionaires giving away free money. Ask rich people for financial help on the website of free money helpers. Exclusively for

My site is regularly visited by billionaires, wealthy successful entrepreneurs, sponsors philanthropists and rich famous celebrities who want to help people with money for free. It's cash aid from rich people. Also, my site is visited by many people who need money to buy a house, a car, food, clothes, gifts, pay bills, health, education, pay off loans, debts, mortgage, close credit cards, start a business, or to make dreams come true.

Therefore, here on the official website of financial assistance, billionaire philanthropists, rich entrepreneurs, celebrities and wealthy private families who want to help people in need, those who need financial help immediately, can help with money like a donation.

Rules for getting money help from rich people

  1. Request for help must begin with the phrase - Give me free money.
  2. Describe your life situation in which you need quick money assistance, without personal or sensitive information. To increase your chances of getting free money: as proof of your words about the situation in which you need money, you can send photo-confirmation (optional); to confirm the way how you want to get help, you can send a photo of yourself against the background of the way how you want to receive financial assistance to the email below (confirmation is optional). If you choose to send a confirmation, include the sender's name in the request text.
  3. Free international money requests are processed quickly by any ways worldwide. When your money request is approved, your nickname will be published in the list of approved requests, then you can send by email at the bottom of the page the way how you want to get money help from millionaires and billionaires for free.
  4. In the Nickname field, you must enter a nickname and the last four digits of the way you want to receive help.
  5. It is prohibited to submit contact and sensitive information.
  6. The list of approved requests is updated every hour, every day.
  7. You can apply for financial help from rich people every day at one request per day.
  8. Requests for fast financial assistance are accepted 24/7 every day.

Need to know! Recently there have been a lot of scammers and liars who are using my charity website to get free money from billionaires. They post fake money requests from the elderly, people with disabilities, needy families and try to get free cash immediately.

So, it is better to send confirmations of your request for free money from millionaires. Confirmations will help me find answers to all questions about your request and make sure that you are not a scammer and you can get money from the rich right now, today.

You can contact millionaires personally asking for help with money here on the official website. All communication about money help from generous rich people on the website only. I don’t call anyone on the phone, I don’t write to anyone by email, on social networks or messengers, I don’t have help groups. My official website where poor people can ask rich people for money online is here get free money right now from billionaires and millionaires who are willing to help those in need.

Financial help from wealthy people

Details about the offer of financial assistance to those in need from generous millionaires and billionaires who donate money to charity now and here.

Is it possible to send a request by email?
No. I don't accept cash assistance requests sent by email, this is for sending confirmations only.

Can billionaires and millionaires really give money to everyone?
Yes. People in need of money from all over the world have access to free cash assistance from wealthy millionaires.

Is it possible to ask rich and generous people for money for whatever I want?
You can urgently get extra money online from wealthy millionaires who give away money for everything except illegal purposes.

Is the financial aid free and without investment?
Yes. No investment from you is required. Real money help is provided absolutely free of charge and without compensation. Rich people are giving away free money legally.

How to call a millionaire who is giving away money?
You can call a rich sponsor who helps with money, using the red link, real money help from a millionaire to poor people.

How to contact rich people, billionaires, to ask for free money?
You can contact to millionaires, rich people, sponsors and apply for free cash aid here on the money help website, below.

How to check the approval of a request for cashe assistance from the rich?
You need to check the approval of request in the list of approved requests. When the request is approved, your nickname will be published on the list.

Your name was not published in the list, what should you do?
If your name is not published, you will need to resubmit your request. It is best to do this every day until the request is approved.

Your request was partially approved, what should you do?
Your financial assistance request may be partially approved for check. You can continue to submit help requests to get full approval.

What is the best amount of cash aid to ask wealthy businessmen?
It is better to apply for an amount that will solve all your problems, because rich people really have great opportunities for financial assistance.

In what currency to apply for help with the money of rich people?
It is better to apply for financial assistance from a wealthy sponsor-philanthropist in US dollars (usd).

Is it possible to get free money from billionaires multiple times?
Yes, you can apply for an urgent and free money help every day. Even if you already received money on the website several times, you can re-apply for help and get money.

Get free money fast

Ask for financial help

Helped me
Generous celebrity donated moneyGenerous celebrity donated money
Charitable celebrities gave away money, helped financially quickly. They donate money to charity.
$9000 from the Money Machine$9000 from the Money Machine
The man immediately received money from rich people. Get free money every day up to $2,400,000 online.
Billionaire donated to individualsBillionaire donated to individuals
Billionaires instantly helped with money personally directly and guaranteed by a request on the website.
Free money from millionairesFree money from millionaires
Quickly received millionaire financial help just by asking. Millionaires gave money for free fast.
Wealthy people donated $2,000Wealthy people donated $2,000
The millionaire quickly gave away free money on a request for cash assistance. $2,000 free money.
Free money from rich peopleFree money from rich people
Rich people giving away free money helped again. They sent money for nothing, just as a gift.
Free birthday money onlineFree birthday money online
Rich kind people sent free birthday money online for a cool gift with no purchase for free immediately.
Contacted the rich I got moneyContacted the rich I got money
Contacted rich people and received financial help. Millionaires are giving away free money now.
You can say thanks for help above on the red link – Helped me

Everyone can receive free financial assistance from rich people, wealthy businessmen, generous millionaires and billionaire sponsors, you just need to ask for help with money.

Attention! There are a lot of requests for online help with money, so people who really urgently need financial help from billionaires are better off asking for money every day.

Important! Read the smart and secret advice below to help you solve serious money problems and avoid financial mistakes. Ask questions above on the red link – Call me.

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