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The Automated Money Machine is designed to give you instant free financial help online. The donation money comes from the personal funds of a millionaire philanthropist and wealthy businessman. Wealthy sponsor's financial assistance is unlimited, you can get free money every day without limits on the amount of help. The Automated Money Machine chooses the amount of financial assistance independently. International free money transfers as a gift are processed quickly to any requisites around the world.

You can get free money quickly using a promo code by sending a money request to the Automated Money Machine below. Every day, a few random people from those who entered promo codes for money will receive free cash assistance from a generous millionaire. In the Automated Money Machine, enter your nickname in the first field, enter the promo code for money in the second field, enter any requisites in the third field to transfer money to you for free and click on the "Get money" button.

Money promo codes can be found here on the official financial aid website at the end of each advice in the "Advice" section. Red link to all advice is below. If the first time you did not find the money promo codes, you need to close all advice, and then reopen each advice again and so on until you find the promo codes. The Automated Money Machine will not approve a quick money transfer without the correct money promo code. Free money transfers using the entered promo codes and update of paid out promo codes every day after 11:10 am New York (NY) time, United States of America (USA). The amount of the transfer is indicated opposite your nickname in the list of successfully completed transfers, which displays new transfers from the Automated Money Machine.

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Details of the online offer to transfer money as a gift for free and without investment from Automated Money Machine (AMM).

How to find a promo code for extra money, what does it look like?
Watch the video instruction below, everything is described in detail there: where to look in the advice and what the promo code for money looks like.

How to enter the money promo code correctly?
The promo code consists of numbers and latin letters only. You do not need to enter: a word - a promo code or a dot at the end.

How often are promo codes for money updated?
Money promo codes are new every day, they are updated every day after 11:10 am New York time.

How many promo codes can a person enter?
There are no restrictions per person. You can enter all promo codes and get money for all promo codes.

When to enter promo codes?
Promo codes for money must be entered as soon as you find them. The person who enters more promo codes for money has more chances to get money.

How many promo codes for money?
Every day there are 24 new promo codes for money: 20 silver promo codes and 4 gold promo codes.

What is the difference between gold and silver promo codes?
For gold promo codes, help is only in large amounts, and for silver promo codes, amounts are large, medium and small.

How do you know if you get money or not?
After 11:10 am New York time, the list of successfully completed transfers will be updated. If the name that you entered when entering the promo code is in the list, then the transfer will be completed.

What do the letters in brackets mean in the completed transfers list?
[p] - it means the transfer was made using a personal promo code for money received in the Good for Good program; [waiting] - it means that the AMM could not make a transfer, because additional data is needed for a money transfer (you can provide this data to my e-mail within 24 hours, then the money transfer will be completed); [error] - it means you didn't specify the account requisites correctly or there are other problems.

Automated Money Machine

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1. You need to look for money promo codes in the advice, click on the red link below – advice. And there, open each advice.
2. Promo codes No. 1 and No. 2 are not for the Money Machine, but for the live streams of help, for more details, open the red link.
3. In the Nickname field, it is better to write a nickname that is not similar to the nicknames of other people (it is better to add the last four digits of the requisite to the name), then you will know for sure whether you received a transfer or not, in the list of successfully completed transfers. The names are similar and people often get confused, it is not clear who exactly received the money transfer from the Money Machine.
4. On the page Giving away money, you can ask for fast financial assistance from rich people without a promo code. Cash assistance is free of charge.


Kristin 2 days ago
Thank you!!! The amount is 3 thousand 557 dollars! Thanks Nick

tiktok 3 days ago
I’m very glad to receive $6,439 just like that)) thank you!. Now I know much more love and kindness on earth. Best wishes to you, Nick.

Salil 3 days ago
I won, hurray, a big amount, luck smiled on me, thank you Nick

Carlito Bo 4 days ago
I'm so glad... there is a miracle! You just need to believe..

Daughter of God 4 days ago
Thanks to the automatic machine and Nick for the help. Finally, I received money for the first time from the Money Machine. Although I have been participating for quite a long time. Money arrived unexpectedly.

Irmgard 5 days ago
Thank you, Nick. The Money Machine chose me for the first time for $5,000, I hope I’ll have better luck in the future.

Arin 6 days ago
How happy it is to receive $4900. Thanks Nick. I have no words at all, this is a miracle!

xXLost 6 days ago
THIS IS A MIRACLE! Thank you very much, Nick! You are a saint! I can't hold back my tears. I am incredibly glad that there are kind people in our world! You not only made me happier, you made many caring people happier! Low bow to you!!!

Kay Byrd 1 week ago
Dear Nick, thank you very much for your help. My soul and heart are very grateful to you for your responsiveness and mercy. I wish you good health, all the good things in life and bright miracles in life.

Just Me 1 week ago
Nick, thank you. To be honest, I didn’t believe that you really exist and your good deeds are real. But I decided to try and money came to the card, you give goodness and faith, Nick. I will continue to try my luck in the money machine. Thank you, you are the best and honest.

Kortlund 2 weeks ago
Hooray! Thanks a lot! I won, although I didn’t really believe it. The amount of winnings is big for me, I’m very happy!

coach p 2 weeks ago
Thank you Money Machine for 5 thousand 603 dollars! Nick, good health to you and more good deeds!

DJ FearRoss 2 weeks ago
Thank you Nick, there are only a few such generous people like you in the world. God bless you!!! Good health to you, low bow to your parents for raising such an honest, kind person.

Dave 8997 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your good deeds, thank you for your generous soul, thank you for the $3000, thank you for everything! Thank you for being you Nick.

Blace 2 weeks ago
I saw myself on the list and the amount was the largest. Goodness exists. Good luck everyone. Thanks to Nick. I will continue to work with the Machine.

Trey-Frey 3910 2 weeks ago
Thank you Nick, thank you thank you thank you...thank you a thousand times!!!!

Peace 2 weeks ago
I will be so grateful if I can see who will help me I am in need of money and I am passing through a lot , I'm trying to start up a business this year but this year is about to end not it's so painful but I'm asking for help please please help me

Davee Wex 2 weeks ago
I received $7,700 from the money machine and I’m glad from the bottom of my heart! This amount will help me a lot! I’m very happy, it’s like I got a million dollars)))) Thank you very much Nick!

Simphiwe 2 weeks ago
Great help! This kind of help will solve many of my problems! Thank you! Thank GOD, THANK GOD, THANK GOD!!! that there is such a Nick! It’s not for nothing that he was named after the saint!

Barbara 2 weeks ago
Lord, I’m in tears!) I’m so happy, I’m smiling. Insanely happy 6000 dollars, that's money! Thank you!

Raphael 2 weeks ago
Thank you very much, I didn’t even hope for it, but I was very lucky in the money machine! Very nice! People, try it, don’t despair and have hope!!!!! Nick, thank you again for your help! I have no luck with requests for help, apparently there are a lot of people, I decided to try here))) I changed my name and everything worked out)))) I will enter more promo codes in the help machine! Cheers cheers!

Damian 2 weeks ago
The world is not without good people. Thank you for 7,000 thousand. Prosperity to you, I wish there were more people like you.

S3NTIN3L 2 weeks ago
Nick..... Low bow to you for 6045 dollars, your heart and BRIGHT SOUL!!!! You give many people hope that there is light and goodness in people’s souls. And it turns out that illuminating the soul of your neighbor is not so difficult. But how joyful it turns out!!! It is enough to have courage, remember that you are Human and lend a helping hand. And there is hope and faith that everything will be fine for people. Thank you!

FunnyStuff 3 weeks ago
Ooooh I won! THANK YOU Nick! I've been waiting for this for so long! Pants are full of joy)) Thank you! Good luck to everyone!
Guys, everything works, money received!

Tom S 3 weeks ago
Nick, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are a person with a HUGE soul!

Supachee 3 weeks ago
I get goosebumps from such an unexpected gift!!! I'm so glad, thank you for 6 thousand! Thanks for being here!!

Theo J 3 weeks ago
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to receive help, this morning I woke up and looked at an SMS from the bank about the receipt of 9000 dollars, now there is hope that I am closer to the end of the torment due to loan debts.

Steph 3 weeks ago
Cool!!! Great!!! Cool!!! Thanks Nick You're great. Well, there are just no words at all!!!

Yagga 3 weeks ago
Nick, thank you!!! People have different destinies and life situations! As they say, if you take a cross in your hands, then carry it with dignity! Thank you again!

Teresa 4789 3 weeks ago
Nick, how I love and appreciate you!!! You have a generous soul! You're just the best! My God, my God! I am so glad that you are on this earth and gave me help!

LazyDays 3 weeks ago
Thank you very much Nick. A kind soul and words not thrown to the wind are worth a lot in our time.

joe blow 3 weeks ago

Kasia 3 weeks ago
I'm crying, it's impossible to watch without tears on the account balance plus 5 thousand dollars, thank you Nick!!! Good luck to you and good luck in life. You are my Guardian Angel. Nick, be happy!!!

rahmat 1 month ago
Nick, the Machine chose me, yes, the amount is decent, I’ll pay off the debts, 10 thousand dollars came, thank you.

Legionnaire2010 1 month ago
Nick, thank you for what you do! Looking at you, I understand that not everything is lost, I’m sincerely glad for the $4,556.30 I received from you, I wish you long life, good luck in life, good health, prosperity!

Dawn jon 1 month ago
I would like to see more kind people like Nick who really help people. Thank you Nick

Tumelo 1 month ago
Thanks Nick for your help!!!

Nathan 1 month ago
It's great to get money, Nick, you're like Santa Claus! You gave me such a wonderful gift, it’s already super! Thank you!

Dorris Day 1 month ago
Thank you, Nick, for the miracle of the help machine, how nice it is to see yourself on the list of successfully completed money transfers)))

Serzh 1 month ago
$3400 on the card. Thanks Nick! Now there is one more happy person in the world!

Aussie Nic 1 month ago
Wow, $4,371!!! You gave me hope. You saved my life. Thank you so much!!!

Sir LeRoyale 1 month ago
I am happy. Thank you very much for $866 God bless you

Pamela 1 month ago
Good morning Nick. I am very grateful that you help everyone who is in a difficult situation, when there is no money for bread, and your Machine took pity and helped. Thank God that there is such a wonderful person like you.

Pavel_T1398 1 month ago
All my life I will pray to God for you, Nick, for creating such a wonderful machine. I would like to say many words of gratitude. Low bow to you for your help!

Heda 1 month ago
Thank you for + 8,600.54 Nick you are a super man and a true Guardian Angel!!

Mr.MedicBag 1 month ago
Thank God I got the money! Thank you Nick for this life chance...

Mr. Taylor 2 months ago
Good evening Nick, I'm very glad I got help from your Machine today, thanks Nick. God bless everyone!

Rob Brown 2 months ago
Awesome! Wow Machine gives! And how much Joy! Thank you Nick - PERSON with a capital letter! Giver of Goodness!

Shibani 2 months ago
Thank you very much for the transfer 5 thousand. Dear Nick thanks for your help!

FreeStyle_6987 2 months ago
Well, Nick Just divine! So much money at once $6800! Thank you!! I can't find the right words, my emotions are running high! Thank you for your kindness!!!

Clifford 2 months ago
Tears of joy thank you

Aaronkavich 2 months ago
I'm very happy, thanks for the money. Nick, thank you very much for your diligence and for your kindness. I'm waiting for the next day, I will enter promo codes again.

Relevance3341 2 months ago
I can't even eat or drink, I'm so excited. I am very lucky. Now I believe in miracles again. How I was waiting for the evening .... Thanks for the money transfer Nick.

The Coder 2 months ago
There are no words, only emotions. Nick you are very cool! Thank you for 4 thousand 478 dollars!

Ziyoda 3077 2 months ago
Please give me good luck today.I sent a lot of promo codes.3000 dollars is enough for me,l bek you do not give and lose hope.
Today l still pay a gold promo code and a lot of silver ones.Nick ask for help.

Nayeem 2 months ago
The money was credited to the card, I begin to believe in miracles, as in childhood. Tears are rolling straight down. I'm lucky today. Now I can at least breathe. Thanks Nick

AstroBlaster 2 months ago
Congratulate me, I had a transfer of 5170 dollars, I am now happy that there is Hope, Life, thanks to Nick, it sparkled with new colors !!!!

kudude4856 2 months ago
So nice, thanks kind machine for $2210))

Linda W. 2 months ago
Nick, thank you for giving us the chance to change our lives for the better! Both my husband and I are very grateful to you for the translation, God bless you!

Nao 2 months ago
Hello Nick! Thank you for $5977 I will spend everything wisely to the penny. Thank you very much for your sympathy, care and participation in my life! This is a great talent, strength and courage! I wish you success in all your endeavors!

Ariella 2 months ago
So happy to see how help came to the bank card, thank God, Nick will help everyone!

Alejandro 2 months ago
How happy I am, I saw myself at the top of the list, the amount is good, so nice. So there is hope for each of us to get help.

Mintlsy 2 months ago
Thank you very much Nick, I will pay the bills and buy gifts for the family.))) Belief in a miracle always helps. You are a wonderful person Nick.

Genysis 2 months ago
Thank you so much Nick low bow to you for $4000. Thank you for creating such a website. Now I will breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you.

Trevor 2 months ago
Thank you, Nick, for sending the money! For what you do, LOW BOW TO YOU! God bless you!

Chuck St. Clair 2 months ago
Hello everyone! How wonderful it is to receive financial assistance free of charge! I'm glad I got it, it was nice to even just think about it. Nick, you are my Guardian Angel. Is it true.

Blizzard 2 months ago
Nick, you're so smart, thank you!

Harmonically 2 months ago
Thank you so much Nick and Money Machine!!! It must be God's way after all! I believe in signs!

John 3584 2 months ago
Thanks to Money Machine for the help and Nick for organizing it.

2009nodame 2 months ago
Nick you are a very good person, that's the most important thing. Your help of $9,626 came to me at the right time in the right place!! Thanks a lot!

Katie4872 2 months ago
You are a great fellow, you can not even imagine how much you have done for me! Thank you very much!

Curtis 2 months ago
Thank you very much, low bow to you. God bless you, you make such happiness. There are no more people like you, you are one such unique person.

Tracy 7764 2 months ago
Nick you are great! I just didn’t know where to get funds to survive, and then help came with a promo code. Thank you. One should always hope for the best. I wish good luck to everyone!

Mady Licon 2 months ago
Nick is just a great hero, such people are rare! Thank you God bless you!!

Kassaken 2 months ago
Thank you Nick and a deep bow from me personally for the money transfer from the machine. Thank you for helping us in difficult days when it’s hard to ask for help. Health to you.

Alfred 8632 2 months ago
Hooray !!!!!!! the first time I cry from happiness 7 thousand mine)

Helena 2 months ago
Dear Nick, kind heart, smart automatic! Maybe luck will smile at me today, I'm really looking forward to a surprise. Please select MY promo codes!

Bob#1 3 months ago
I'm happy like a child! thank you and the machine, Nick, you are so handsome!

Maha Kidwai 3 months ago
Thank you for being you, you are just an ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uvaldo 3 months ago
Never in my thoughts would I even admit that such a money machine would appear. When I stumbled upon this site, I was amazed: "Yes, well?, Yes, it can't be!" Exactly $8,526 came to a bank account and I understood it really, words are not enough, I'm in shock .. In my opinion, Nick, the first in the history of mankind, EVERYTHING DOES this, I am amazed by his humanity, generosity, understanding.

Paul O'Brien 3 months ago
How nice - that there is such a good web site - where money is given automatically! Thank you Nick for giving me this opportunity to get help in the money machine. May God bless you. I wish you all well-being and good luck!

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
I beg you, give me a win today, l really need help.Please,please ĺm trying very hard to get out of the prison.

Juan Fer 3 months ago
Low bow to you Nick, for 4,803 thousand dollars. Kindness always comes back, I will remember you all my life, THANK YOU.

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
Every day l send promo codes with hope.Maybe that day is today.You are a golden man and l am sure you well help me too.ĺm waiting for this day.

J Btista 3 months ago
Thank you for helping me, my soul rejoices at how happy I am, God bless you.

YobRoh 3 months ago
Wow. The money came, thank you, I’ll pay off the loan and rent today, I didn’t know if I could pay everything, Good luck to everyone, I hope you’re lucky and will help you too, Nick, thank you for such kindness !!!!

Dale A 3 months ago
Nick you are a golden man, with a kind heart and soul. Thank you for the large amount received for the cash gold promo code. Wish you all the best.

Dominate 3 months ago
Are there really such kind people? Thank you Nick from the bottom of my heart!

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
Good day to you dear presenters of this site.I am looking forward to your help.ĺve been sending the promo code 11:10 am New York time for two days now.l really need help,lbeg the empty automatic help today will chose methe lucky one.

Freddy Murillo 3 months ago
Thank you Nick for the money and for giving people a chance to get help, good luck to everyone in need

Bends9513 3 months ago
This is just amazing thank you so much!!!! I did not lose hope and optimism and believed that I would get money!

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
I sent the first promo codes today at exactly 11:10 am New York time.

Nubian 3 months ago
Lord, I'm so glad! Nick, thank you very much!

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
Today July24,es a special day,because today many people are asking for help.Maybe luck will smile on me today.I really need help please cash machine please choose me.

Clueless 3 months ago
6,701$ straight from the sky to a bank card! It's just space! Thanksoooo!!

Sinister8134 3 months ago
Nick you are the best, thanks! God bless you and your family!

Ziyoda 3077 3 months ago
The first promotional code appeared late today.At11:16am New Yark time.I really nee help.Thaťs why l really want to win in the cash machine.Pleaseselect me as the lucky one,please.

Thieving Panda 3 months ago
Thank you so much Nick! You helped me a lot today! I even managed to partially solve the problem with my health, now we feel good! I just recently arrived home, you really saved me one misfortune less, because my brain almost exploded during these weeks! I wish you happiness, good luck, love and great success!!! Well, I will hope for a solution to other life situations. Big kisses to everyone!!!

Leah Gary 3 months ago
I only have 8.6K dollars, but for me this is a huge amount thanks

weili6112 3 months ago
My sincere gratitude to Nick for his help. To be honest, I did not expect, but a miracle happened. Thank you very much. All the best.

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